Mediation Training Courses

Introduction to Mediation Advocacy Skills

Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA) In association with the Nigerian Bar Association Institute of Continuing Legal Education.


The new age of law demands that the 21st-century lawyer acquires the multi-disciplinary skills of mediation advocacy indicated by negotiation, psychology, commercial sagacity and a team strategy approach to the provision of legal solutions in civil and commercial cases. Your training as a mediation advocate will enable you to acquire the skills of the new practice of law through the Multi-Door courthouses.


  • Legal Practitioners
  • In-house Counsel
  • Professionals(Engineers, Accountants, HR Practitioner, Medical Professionals, etc)
  • Senior Public Servants as well as corporate Executives in the Private sectors
  • Referrers to ADR.


  • Fast-track resolution of clients’ disputes
  • Increase fee earnings from greater numbers of satisfied clients
  • Guaranteed enforcement of resolved cases
  • Certificate of attendance
  • NBA CLE credit points

Certified Mediation Advocacy Skills Training

Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates In association with the Nigerian Bar Association Institute of Continuing Legal Education


Though designated a one day course, the program is indeed staggered in three phases over a period of 6 days. The program begins with a one-day intensive seminar, followed at a later date by a one-week internship program at the Lagos state citizen mediation center and rounded off in the month of September with an induction into the coveted status of an accredited Associate Mediation Advocate of the SCMA(UK).

The internship program is annually scheduled to coincide with the court vacation period in order to seamlessly accommodate litigation lawyers.


Certificates for this program are issued from the headquarters of the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates in the United Kingdom. Note should also be taken of the fact that lawyer participants of the course receive the Nigerian Bar Association Continuing Legal Education (CLE) certificates which carry six credit points.


This course is open only to holders of the Introduction to Mediation Advocacy Certificate as well as mediators accredited by recognized training institutions.


  • International Certification
  • Understanding Mediation Advocacy Practice
  • Billing of Clients in ADR Matters

SCMA Registered Civil/Commercial Mediator Training

From £1500 per person


Day 1

09.00 Welcome
The course

  • what will be covered in the next 5 days
  • assessment

An overview of mediation in the context

  • a brief overview of the dispute resolution landscape – litigation, arbitration, hybrids, etc
  • importance of early intervention
  • definitions
  • key features
  • The structure of Commercial Mediation
  • Different Mediation models
  • Mediation principles and common features
  • Mediation ground rules – application to informal and formal models of mediation
  • confidentiality
  • privilege
  • authority

The 5 stages of mediation – a brief overview

  • preparation
  • opening
  • exploration
  • negotiation
  • closing
  • The Decision to Seek Mediation
  • Routes to Mediation
  • The Role of the Mediator
  • The Role of Party Representatives
  • Choosing a mediator
  • The Mediation Agreement
  • Preparation Phase: The Pre-Mediation Process
    • attendees,
    • paperwork,
    • preliminary meetings,
    • fact gathering,
    • liaison with legal representatives
  • The Mediation Meeting
  • Basic Skills for Effective Mediation

Demonstration Exercises

Not before 17.30 Close

 Day 2

09.00 Review of Day 1 learning

  • Advanced Skills for Effective Mediation
  • Party preparation
  • The opening session
  • importance
  • control by mediator
  • length
  • general management
  • room set-up
  • opening statement by mediator
  • The Exploration Phase

  • Verbal communication skills and techniques
  • Active listening
  • empathy
  • questions
  • re-framing
  • reality testing
  • summarising

Role-play exercises

Not before 18.00 Close

Day 3
09.00 Review of Day 2 learning

  • The Attributes of an Effective Mediator
  • Utilizing Mediation Principles
  • Negotiation Phase
    • Using and Dealing with Negotiation Strategies
    • Getting to Yes
    • Breaking deadlock
  • Understanding other Mediation Structures
  • Using Mediation Skills in other ADR processes

Negotiation exercises
Role-play exercises
The mediation market – Introduction to Restorative Justice and Observations
Not before 18.00 Close

Day 4
09.00 Review of Day 3 learning

  • Settlement or Concluding Phase
  • The Settlement Agreement
  • Time-Limited Mediations
  • Ethics in Mediation
  • Costs Issues

Skills exercises
Role-play exercises
Mentoring for assessment
Not before 18.00 Close

Day 5 

Assessment Day

09.00 Introduction to Assessment Methodology and Assessors
Role-play exercises

  • Mentoring
  • Multi-Party Mediation
  • Co-mediators
  • Dealing with Mediation “Failure”
  • Awareness of Regulation and Juridification

International and cross-border mediation; the EU Directive

Observations; SCMA Mediation Advocates; SCMA Mediators Panel
c.16.30 Close of Course
Post Course Assignment

Note: The course will be conducted in English and apply English law.
SCMA reserves the right to alter the program as it considers appropriate

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