SCMA Membership

SCMA Nigeria membership runs annually from 1st January to December 31


SCMA Membership is extended to individuals or corporate entities, bodies or institutions


The annual individual membership subscription, for the time being, is N25,000


The annual corporate membership subscription, for the time being, is N250,000

Member Benefits

  • Paid individual members are entitled to

    • Discounted SCMA training and events, and to use on their letter heading or websites a designated SCMA logo.
    • Discounted Registered CMC Mediator training
    • Discounted IMI QAP Accredited Mediation Advocacy training
  • Paid corporate members are entitled to

    • Discounted open training and events, and
    • Use on their letter heading or websites a designated SCMA logo.
    • Bespoke in-house training provided by SCMA
    • Bespoke in-house Registered CMC Mediator training
    • Bespoke in-house Accredited IMI QAP Mediation Advocacy training

Code of Conduct

The members of SCMA share a common commitment through this statement of ethical practices to promote the highest possible standards of professional conduct, recognizing that they are bound by the regulatory Codes of Professional Conduct and Ethics of their home profession.

All members of SCMA undertake the following:

  • To abide by all applicable laws, codes and regulations, and provide services with a high standard of care and competence.
  • To maintain, support and assist in the development of the SCMA Mediation Advocacy Standards.
  • To respect all intellectual property rights.
  • To refrain from discriminatory practices.
  • To share knowledge, expertise and skills to advance the industry while respecting the confidentiality of clients and associates.
  • To support the SCMA by taking an active role in SCMA activities and promote these to mediators and all users of the mediation industry.

This Code of Conduct is a guideline and does not represent the entire scope of good conduct and ethical behaviour. Acceptance of and adherence to this Code is a condition of membership. The SCMA reserves the right to suspend or expel members for a breach or breaches of the same.

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Corporate Headquarters

1 Chancery Lane, London

SCMA Nigeria

33 Adegbola Street, Anifowoshe,
Ikeja - Lagos.


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